We think building friendships at Kanakuk is one of the best parts of Kamp, and each year we see Kampers establish friendships that last a lifetime! 


While meeting new friends is exciting, our Kampers can also request a "cabinmate" or tentmate" that they already know when coming to kamp. The restrictions around this are: 

  1. There is a maximum limit of 3 cabinmates that can be requested to be grouped together in the cabin. There are instances where a Kamper who requests a cabinmate is already linked with someone you may not know — this is still considered to be a group of three, and your Kamper will be unable to request or accept any additional cabinmate requests. If your Kamper has more than three friends in their group, we suggest the Kampers divide into two groups so no one is left out! 
  2. All kampers in the roommate group must be within 12-moths of age as all other Kampers in the group

To start this process for your child, complete the “Cabin Mate Request” step during online registration. You can also add and manage requests after registering by logging into mykanakuk.com or the Kanakuk app. The Kamper your child is requesting will receive an email notification and instructions to accept or decline the request. Once this request is accepted, both Kampers are guaranteed to be in the same cabin.

Kampers do not need to request each other, one will request and the other will accept.