We ask that families help us keep Kamp fun and safe for everyone by leaving the following items at homeAll items that fall under these categories will be confiscated and held in a safe location until the end of the term: 

  • Food, candy, gumdrinks, etc. These items will be disposed of upon arrival.  
  • Electronics such as phones, tablets, smartwatchesvideo cameras, drones, etc(Point and Shoot, Disposable, and Polaroid photo cameras ARE permitted) 
  • Nerf Guns 
  • Water balloons  
  • Silly string  
  • Practical joke materials such as whoopie cushions and stink bombs 
  • Inappropriate books and magazines  

Some items that we recommend bringing or sending to your Kamper are:  

  • Craft supplies such as bracelet making string and beads  
  • Coloring books 
  • Card games  
  • Fun hats 
  • Sporting/beach balls  
  • Puzzles