Kampers LOVE getting mail and we distribute mail to Kampers around lunchtime every day but Sunday. We do ask that anything sent to your Kamper follows the general recommendations below to keep Kamp fun and safe for everyone! 

  • Examples of what to send: 

  • Family photos, postcards, card games, puzzles, beach balls, coloring books, fun hats, costumes, etc. 

  • Examples of what not to send: 

  • Silly string, candy, prank items, food, water balloons, gum, books, electronics, etc. If any of these items are sent, they will be collected by Kamp Staff and held in the office until the end of your child’s term. 

Kampers are encouraged to write letters home during their rest period each day, so we recommend sending addressed, stamped envelopes in your Kamper’s luggage.