Thank you for trusting us with your Kamper this summer! We know one of the most important aspects of every one of our parents' experiences is the ability to view photos of their Kamper every day and send in digital messages. If you aren't sure how to navigate Kamper Connect, our photo and message experience, here are some tips on how to make sure you are all set to go once your Kamper arrives.

Download the Kanakuk App:

The Kanakuk app is the best and easiest way to access Kamper Connect photos and Bunk Notes. Available on iOS and Android, simply download and log in with your existing My Kanakuk account. Please note: Kamper Connect features are only accessible by family admins. 

My Kanakuk Web Portal:

Can't download apps or prefer a web browser experience? Just head over to your My Kanakuk account at to access all the Kamper Connect features.

Select a Kamper Connect Package:

For our overnight Kamp experiences, we have three packages available. You can easily select one or upgrade any time by selecting a Kamper in the app or on My Kanakuk, and then selecting the Kamper Connect Package button on the main screen. Please note: If you have multiple Kampers, you only need to upgrade one Kamper to unlock the upgraded features for all of your Kampers!

  • Basic (Free): 2 Bunk Note Credits per Family for sending one-way messages to your Kamper  |  Standard Photo Gallery Access  |  Unlimited Standard Downloads
  • Plus ($10): Same as "Basic," plus Unlimited Bunk Notes for one-way messages to your Kamper.
  • Max ($18): Same as "Plus," plus My Kamper Photo Suggestions (we automatically tag and notify you when a photo is found with your Kamper!).

If you have upgraded to an unlimited Bunk Note package, you can also add on Bunk Notes Express to give friends and family the ability to send messages without setting up an account or purchasing their own credits. After upgrading your package as explained above, you can head here to add on Bunk Notes Express to each Kamper for $10 per Kamper.


Bunk1 is our service provider for all of our Kamper Connect features. If you have used Bunk1 at a different camp prior to enrolling your Kamper at Kanakuk, you may need to take an extra step to make sure your Bunk1 account and My Kanakuk account can sync properly in the Kanakuk app or online at

If when you log in you don't see any messaging credits and can't access your photos (even after selecting a Kamper Connect bundle), this could be because you have used Bunk1 with a camp prior to Kanakuk. Bunk1 is our photo and messaging provider and The Kanakuk App and My Kanakuk must be able to sync with their service in order to provide the full photo and messaging experience.

  • If you have an old Bunk1 account with the same email address you use for My Kanakuk, you will need to either reset your My Kanakuk password to match your existing Bunk1 password, or reset your password on to match your current My Kanakuk password. 
    • Please click here to reset your password for My Kanakuk, or click here to reset your password for Bunk1.
  • After you have reset your password(s) to match, log out of the app and then log back in.