Update: 6-7-23

   We heard from a number of families that the Kanakuk app was freezing on the home screen, and that they couldn't accept or reject suggested My Kamper Photos. As of 6-6-23 a app build was published to the App Store and Google Play. To ensure you have the newest version of the app, you can uninstall and reinstall the app to force the update. This should resolve those known issues. You can still also use the information below to ensure you are properly set up to send messages and view photos with your account.

Access to Bunks Notes and Daily photos is controlled directly by your Kamper Connect bundle selection. This is part of the initial registration process but can be modified at any time. In The Kanakuk App, you can modify your selection by clicking "Connect" on the bottom menu bar, and then selecting "Kamper Connect Package". For the KampOut! and Family Kamp app, you don't need to do this step. Please skip to the next paragraph about making sure your Bunk1 account and My Kanakuk account are in sync.

Packages range from 2 free Bunk Note credits per Family and access to view all daily photos, to unlimited messaging and access to 'My Kamper' suggested photos. Based on your selection, some photo gallery features may be limited.

If when you log into the app, you don't see any messaging credits and can't access your photos, even after selecting a Kamper Connect bundle, this could be because you have used Bunk1 with a camp prior to Kanakuk. Bunk1 is our photo and messaging provider and the app must be able to sync with their service in order to provide the full photo and messaging experience.

  • If you have an old Bunk1 account with the same email address you use for My Kanakuk, you will need to either reset your My Kanakuk password to match your existing Bunk1 password, or reset your password on Bunk1.com to match your current My Kanakuk password. 
    • Please click here to reset your password for My Kanakuk, or click here to reset your password for Bunk1.
  • After you have reset your password(s) to match, log out of the app and then log back in.

Please also keep in mind that when a message is sent successfully through the app, you will receive a confirmation message. If you are still not getting a confirmation message when sending a message in the app after these steps, please try mykanakuk.com in the web browser as another option for sending messages.

Please let us know if none of this works so that we can look into other potential causes.

I hope this brings clarity on how to access the photo website. Please let us know how we can help further. So sorry for the confusion!